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    2024 Directors Election & Special Resolution Votes

    Voting is now open for our 2024 Directors Election and Special Resolutions. Click here to access our secure online voting site and cast your votes.* Results will be announced at our virtual Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, May 14, 2024.


    your credit union. your choice. 

    This year, there are four candidates standing for election for three Director At-Large positions. By voting for the three candidates that best align with your values and address your needs as a KSCU member, you’re helping ensure we’re a relevant, resilient, and sustainable credit union for years to come. Please take the time to get to know the four skilled candidates who want to serve you and learn more about the election process by reading our 2024 Directors Election package.


    Special Resolutions to Update KSCU Constitution & Rules

    Every credit union operates under a Constitution and Rules approved by its membership, outlining how the organization will operate. Beyond meeting legal and regulatory requirements, these documents play a crucial role in ensuring the credit union’s efficiency and effectiveness. Recently, we undertook a thorough review of our Constitution and Rules, aiming to modernize them, enhance their alignment with our commitment to robust governance practices, and ensure fair representation for all KSCU members.

    The Board of Directors wholeheartedly supports the proposed new and revised Constitution and Rules and strongly recommends members vote in favour of the Special Resolution.

    For a detailed overview of the amendments and a comprehensive understanding of the proposed changes, please click the links below:


    How to Vote

    Starting at 8:00am PT on April 22 until 4:30pm PT on April 26, members can vote online or at any KSCU branch. You’ll need your member number and date of birth to access the secure voting site.

    All co-operatives, incorporated companies, limited liability partnerships, and registered societies must designate an Authorized Voter to vote on their behalf. The authorization form can be downloaded here and returned to by noon PT on Thursday, March 28.




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    * The election process will be administered and overseen by CUES, an independent third-party vendor. CUES has access only to information required to administer the election. Following the close of voting, CUES will tabulate the results of all electronic and mail ballots. All voting data will be digitally transmitted in an encrypted format that cannot be viewed during transmission. All personal information will remain secure.