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Member Benefits

You’re a member, an owner and part of a community that’s working together to make the Kootenays better.
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Your Goals Matter

When you’re a member of Kootenay Savings Credit Union, you are so much more than a number, more than a portfolio of accounts, loans and value. We work to give you personalized advice, support and honest service no matter how many products you have with us. We’re your financial friend who has your best interest at heart.


This is Our Home Too 

We donate back to the community by supporting non-profits and giving sponsorships and bursaries for students to help them grow. Our employees also donate their time to charitable local causes. As a part of Kootenay Savings, you’re making a statement that this is important to you too, and that, together, we can make a real difference in our community. 


​Local Business is Vital to the Kootenays

Your business is important to the Kootenays. And it’s important to us. Become a member and get a financial partner who has your best interest at heart.

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Democratic Ownership

When you’re part of KSCU, you’re a member and owner, with a voice and a vote. This isn’t just lip service, it’s a foundational value of co-operatives and one that we take very seriously. This value shows up time and again, from voting for elected Directors, to our member surveys, all the way down to the way you’re treated anytime you walk through the door or talk to us on the phone. It’s just different here.


Local Decision Making

Our head office and all of our branches are in the Kootenays. That means all our decisions are made in the Kootenays where we understand the needs and values of our community — because it’s our home too. It gives us the flexibility to have a more personal, and human touch, when it comes to your finances, your business finances and community decisions. 


Profit Sharing

As a member and owner of Kootenay Savings, you share in the profits. It means that when we do well, you do well. They are given based on our previous years financial performance, represent a core value of co-operatives, and it’s another way we work to keep money in the Kootenays.

2023 Profit Share


Member Spotlight

Sandy Battista is the proud owner of Head 2 Toe Holistic Health Clinic.  Located in Downtown Castlegar, Sandy and her team are compassionate practioners who are committed to providing comprehensive health care in a safe and welcoming environment.  They look forward to supporting both current and new patients with their health care needs.

Sandy had this to say about Kootenay Savings:  "The customer service is unmatched.  Construction/renovation mortgages can be quite difficult to secure.  I felt like they really wanted to see my project come to fruition and they put in the extra effort to make that happen.  Downtown Castlegar is now one building closer to revitalization".


Join Kootenay Savings Credit Union

We’re part of your community, working with our members to make the Kootenays even better.