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Profit Sharing

P.S. (Profit Sharing) is our way of thanking you for banking with us.
Profit Sharing

What's not to love about sharing $72.8 million with your friends?

We’re not talking about the lottery. We’re talking about our Member Rewards Program. 2023 marks the 30th consecutive year we’ve proudly paid a share of our profits to you, our amazing member-owners. Based on our financial results for 2022, this year’s dividend is 1.00%.

You won’t find many banks sharing their profits with customers. But we’re different. We’re a credit union, and as a Kootenay Savings member, you don’t just bank here: you belong here. We believe you deserve to profit from our success, too. Since the introduction of our Member Rewards Program in 1992, we’ve shared more than $72.8 million with our membership. The total amount this year is $239,880. Your share is in your account now.

What can you do with this free money? It’s your call. Up to 20% of the balance in your profit sharing account can be withdrawn to spend on whatever you want. Great ideas for the rest include investing it in a TFSA for tax-free growth or an RRSP for a tax credit now!

To learn more check out our Profit Sharing FAQs.

To view the full Terms and Conditions for our Profit Sharing Program, please click here.


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