Term Deposits

A term deposit is simply money deposited for a specified period of time (term), earning you a fixed rate of interest. Generally, the longer the term, the higher the interest rate. And if you opt for a non-redeemable term deposit, you'll earn an even higher rate of interest.

Tax Free Savings

Depending on your tax situation now and in the future, TFSAs may be a better savings vehicle for you than RRSPs.  Shelter up to $5500 per year and never pay tax on the interest you earn.


A Registered Education Savings Plan is a tax-deferred savings plan that helps you save for your child's post secondary education and qualifies for a government grant of up to $500 per year.


An RRSP gives you the benefit of a tax deduction today, and tax-sheltered compounded growth for tomorrow. Plus, your RRSP dollars are completely tax sheltered as long as they remain in the plan.