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Term Deposits

Available as registered or non-registered, our term deposit products can play a key role in your investment portfolio.

​Safe & Secure

All of your deposits are guaranteed and secured.


Redeemable or non-redeemable?  Registered or non-registered.  It’s up to you.

​Low Minimum Requirements

Get started saving with as little as $100 for kids or $500 for adults.


So many options for saving

There’s so many ways to build the term deposit that will achieve your goals — redeemable or non-redeemable, registered or non-registered along with multiple term length options. Here’s some of our most popular. 



Stocklink is a type of term deposit that combines the security of a term deposit with the stock market’s growth potential. Your initial investment is protected from any loss. Stocklink are available in registered and non-registered investments. 


  • Safety and peace of mind
  • Possibility of earning more interest than regular term deposits
  • Diversification of funds
  • RRSP eligible 


Rate Climber

Climb rates like you climb the Monashees with a term deposit of 3 or 5 years where interest rates go higher every year. And you can cash in your deposit on any anniversary with no penalty.  

Key information

• Interest compounds annually.
• Can be cashed in without penalty on each anniversary.



Kootenay Saver

Save money while being ready to spend. This flexible term deposit keeps you open to opportunity with a one-year guaranteed investment that allows full and partial withdrawals or transfers without penalty after 90 days.

Key information

• Can be cashed in without penalty after 90 days with interest paid up to the date of withdrawal.
• Partial withdrawals allowed. 
• Also available in US Funds.


Easy Pay-as-you-go Plan

There’s no need to have a single large lump sum to start saving. Build your investment within one year by contributing month by month. And, yes, your money will make interest the whole time. Talk to us to get started.

Call Our Member Service Centre: 1.800.665.5728.


*All rates are subject to change without notice, and are not guaranteed unless confirmed in writing.

Need a Little Extra Guidance?

We’re here to help you make the decision for your finances and your future. We work with you to make your savings dreams a reality. 


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Want More Options?

We provide access to mutual funds, Qtrade Direct InvestingTM and Qtrade Guided PortfoliosTM and the guidance to help you grow, protect and get the most out of your money.

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​Term Rates



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