At Kootenay Savings, we offer a wide variety of chequing account options. Whether your needs are big or small, we have an account that fits.



Our MasterPlan account is the only account you'll need.  Choose the one that best suits your banking style and needs, from the pay-as-you-go LITE to full-meal-deal PRESTIGE.

All our MasterPlan accounts feature the following:

  • Optional overdraft protection or line of credit (OAC)
  • MEMBER CARD® Debit Card
  • Access by ATM
  • Free comprehensive monthly eStatement
  • Free online cheque images
  • Free deposits and pre-authorized deposits
  • Free access to phone banking
  • Free access to online banking
  • Free access to mobile banking*

*Standard charges apply as charged by your data plan service provider.

    Let us help you pick the one that's right for you.

    MEMBER CARD® is a registered trademark owned by Canadian Credit Union Association, used under license.


    At Kootenay Savings, our Senior members are important to us. Senior members, 60 and over, enjoy all the same products and services as all other members but with reduced service fees.

    For a $2 monthly account fee, seniors receive:

    • 20 bundled transactions, including Interac e-Transfers
    • Discounted in-branch utility bill payments
    • One FREE annual cheque order, Flair Style, quantity 50 Singles
    • FREE paper statement, or a $2 credit for choosing an electronic statement

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    We believe you're never too young to start learning about managing your finances. Whether you're saving for a shiny bicycle or a new laptop, we offer our younger members some great packages designed to make banking easy and inexpensive.

    Youth members 18 and under receive:

    • No monthly service fee
    • Unlimited bundled transactions

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    Our STUDY package has everything you need to ace college all the way through.  A full-service banking account with super low fees, flexible student loans, credit cards, easy ATM access and more.

    With online, mobile and phone banking, it doesn't matter where you're studying, this account gives you the freedom to bank the way you want, when you want and from where you want.  Here's what you get:

    • Up to a $45,000 student line of credit for students attending school full-time.  Borrow $15,000 the first year and up to additional $10,000 for the next three years to a maximum of $45,000.  Plus an additional $20,000 is available to graduate students.
    • Get a super rate - as low as prime lending rate + 1.25% - and pay interest only while you're in school and for one year after.  After one year, the loan converts to a regular personal loan.
    • MEMBER CARD® Debit Card for direct payment INTERAC® access
    • Free access to online, mobile* and phone banking
    • Mobile Web for your iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry or other Smartphone
    • Free* access to text banking via text messaging

    *Standard charges apply as charged by your data plan service provider

      For the low monthly fee of $1.00 you get unlimited bundled transactions including:

      • Interac e-Transfers
      • Free debit card purchases
      • Free Kootenay Savings or other Canadian credit union ATM withdrawals (ACCULINK® & THE EXCHANGE®)
      • Free pre-authorized withdrawals
      • Free in-branch withdrawals, transfers or cheque cashing
      • Unlimited Free Cheques
      • Free inter-member transfers

      Download the ding free app to find a surcharge-free ATM near you!

      Need a credit card?  We've got one for you. APPLY TODAY

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      Excluded transactions

      •$2.00 per INTERAC® ATM withdrawal
      •$3.00 per US and other International ATM withdrawal

      Proof of enrolment in post-secondary school is required at the time of appointment:

      Tuition Fee Receipt
      Student Number
      Course Outline
      Formal Letter of Acceptance from Enrolment Officer
      MEMBER CARD® is a registered trademark owned by Canadian Credit Union Association, used under license.


      If you're looking for flexibility in a savings account with the benefits of tax-sheltered deposits, you'll be interested in our family of Summit Savings® products.

      Coupled with lower balance tiers, you can now earn a greater return even sooner on your Summit Savings account with a higher rate than other current savings accounts offer.

      • Your funds are never locked in
      • A great option for your RRSP, RRIF, RESP and TFSA
      • Deposits are 100% guaranteed.  Protection provided by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
      • Interest calculated on closing daily balance and paid monthly
      • Summarized on your monthly account statement
      • Bill payments or recurring bill payments or recurring transfers not supported

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        SUMMIT SAVINGS ACCOUNT® is a registered trademark owned by Canadian Western Bank, used under license.

        US Dollars

        If you frequently visit the US or deal with US funds on a regular basis, you know how frustrating and inconvenient it can be to deal with exchange rate fluctuations. We have a US Dollar account designed for members who want to make deposits, write cheques or have ready access to US funds.

        Features include:

        • Unlimited free deposits
        • No minimum balance required
        • No monthly fee
        • Transactions charged on a pay-as-you-go basis
        • Interest paid monthly, based on the closing daily balance
        • Transaction activity is summarized on your monthly statement

        Check out our Foreign Exchange Calculator

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