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Get Money

The Three Summits Mortgage can help you tackle financial challenges and conquer the toughest of terrain with cash back and a rainy day fund held in a redeemable term deposit.

For example, a $500,000 mortgage with a 5-year term earns you a $3,000 rainy day fund and $500 instant cash back.*

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Make Money

We’ll help you navigate life’s financial peaks and valleys with an everyday chequing account that pays you high interest savings account rates.

Avoid unexpected fees with this discounted package that includes unlimited bundled transactions.


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Save Money

We’re like a sturdy pair of hiking boots – our Three Summits Mortgage is specifically designed to help you climb the summit of home ownership.

With escalating loyalty discounts at each renewal, plus more cash back, we’re helping make owning a home more affordable.


*Cash back varies depending on mortgage amount and term length.

Read our  Member FAQs  and Three Summits Mortgage Product Sheet for more information. 
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