PaymentStream™ AFT

PaymentStream AFT (Automated Funds Transfer)

PaymentStream AFT is a new and improved replacement product for the CAFT (Customer Automated Funds Transfer) system.  It facilitates the processing and settlement of pre-authorized debits and direct deposit transactions.

PaymentStream AFT Enhancements include:

  • A streamlined interface
  • More effective limits and controls
  • Added risk control for dual authorization
  • Enhanced originator ID limits for transactions, settlement day and monthly, to assist with risk mitigation
  • Real-time validation during file upload process and manual release process
  • Record release up to a maximum of 14 calendar days prior to due date
  • Increased record retention – up to 18 months of history

PaymentStream AFT uses 2-Step Security, an extra layer of security that is added to an application.  Users will enter a one-time password from a 2-step security token, using either a hard (physical) token or a soft (mobile app installed on user's mobile device) token.

To learn more to see if PaymentStream AFT is right for your business, please speak to your Small Business Advisor.

Additional Information

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