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technology and your business

Technology and Your Business
in the Kootenays

When building your business, making smart choices around technology can have a substantial impact on your setup costs as well as your monthly cash flow. Here are some things you may want to consider.


Hardware and Software

With today’s tech, you can run your business from a laptop, desktop, tablet, and even a smartphone. And continuously improving internet access makes it that much easier to be connected to your business whenever — and wherever — you want. The tools you’ll use to run your business are usually available for both Mac and PC.

KSCU tip: go with whichever platform you are most comfortable with. 

Depending on the business you’re setting up, your software solutions may include inventory management, accounting, word processing, marketing communications and payroll/timesheet tracking. This article from BDC gives some great info on the wide range of options available.

For email, we suggest you choose one of the leading players, like Office 365 from Microsoft or Google Workspace. Each offers a complete office suite of software as well as a managed email system.


The subscription model is a cost-effective method to get the services you need to run your business. The software you use regularly can be subscription on a monthly or annual basis. And there’s usually a discount on the annual option.

With the subscription model, you likely won’t need to make a substantial upfront payment to get started, your commitment level is low, and if you want to switch to different software later, it’s not overly difficult to do. The flexibility of the subscription model lets you choose the right tool for the current stage of your business. 

Business Online

Your website is an essential part of your technology platform. While there are others, these are some of the commonly used website options: WordPress, Squarespace and Wix. Your website can be as simple as a single page on the internet, sharing a blurb about who you are and what you do, with your contact information easy to find. For most small businesses, 5-10 pages are sufficient to create a good presence and provide a deeper look into the various services and products you offer.

If you’re selling products online, an eCommerce site with a shopping cart lets your customers find you, select your products, and pay for them 24/7, all without actually interacting with you. Platforms like Shopify can get you started, and as your business grows, so do your options for eCommerce websites.  

Be Social

Your customers are using social media, so you should, too.

KSCU tip: find out which platform your customers use, set up a profile there and engage with them regularly. Attract new customers through engaging posts and showcase your customer service skills by replying to comments and private messages quickly.

Financing Your Business

With the investment required to set up the technology necesarry for your business, you might find it's easier - and more comfortable- to apply for small business loan to help you cover these expenses. We have loans for everyone, from business owners just getting started to well-established operations looking to expand. Contact us to learn more about our small business loan options and access the funds you'll need to build your brand.


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