Term Deposits

A term deposit is simply money deposited for a specified period of time, earning you a fixed rate of interest.

If you choose a non-redeemable term deposit, you'll earn an even higher rate of interest.  Short terms usually offer more flexibility, and longer terms provide higher rates.  You may also find terms with early withdrawal options. And by staggering your maturity dates you can provide yourself with extra protection against interest rate fluctuations.

  • Better rates of interest than regular savings accounts 
  • Safe, secure with guaranteed returns 
  • Choose from a variety of lengths and options 
  • Option to automatically renew
  • Interest can be rolled over or transferred to the account of your choice 

Click on the tabs for some of our more popular term deposits.


34-Month Term Special

When you can sleep in while your money works.

Just in time for RRSP season, the hardest working 34-month term deposit in town.  Offering a competitive rate and flexibility, it’s also fully redeemable with no penalty after just 12 months.  Earn the most for your savings; invest and receive up to 1.70%*.

Look at your future with confidence. Let our advisors help you every step of the way and make winning the lottery no longer your retirement plan.

Read about our Easy Term option, our pay-as-you-go savings plan to help you get on the road to financial freedom.

For more details come see us or call 1.800.665.5728 to speak with one of our trusted advisors today.

*Per annum rate without profit shares.

Rate Climber

Step it up with the Rate Climber

If you want a longer term deposit, consider our Rate Climber*.

We know today's rate environment can be a challenge for investors, but the interest rates on these three-year and five-year terms climb higher every year.  And if the interest rates jump before maturity, you can cash in your deposit on any anniversary with no penalty.

Your minimum investment is just $500 or 12 Easy Term payments of $41.67 per month.

  • A 3 or 5 year rising rate term deposit ideal for longer term asset management 
  • Rates are guaranteed and interest compounds annually 
  • Can be cashed in without penalty on each anniversary 

*Not available on RESPs.

Kootenay Saver

Stay flexible with the Kootenay Saver

In investing as in life, flexibility keeps you open to opportunity.  The Kootenay Saver one-year guaranteed investment allows full and partial withdrawals or transfers without penalty after 90 days.

Your minimum investment is just $500.

  • A 1 year cashable term deposit ideal for short term security and flexibility 
  • Can be cashed in without penalty after 90 days and interest is paid up to the date of withdrawal 
  • Partial withdrawals allowed with a minimum of $500 
  • Also available in US Funds   

Easy Term

Saving so easy, you don't even know your're doing it.

We believe savings should be simple.  With Easy Term*, our pay-as-you-go savings plan, you can go about your daily business while your future takes care of itself.

Just decide how much you want to invest in any term deposit of one year or more, set up the initial payment and we'll do the rest.

Whatever you're saving for - a vacation, renovation, down payment on a home - the contributions will be drawn automatically from your account until you reach the term balance.  And best of all, your money will make interest the whole time.


*Not available on RESPs, StockLink or Kootenay Savers