Financial Literacy Workshops

At Kootenay Savings, we’re committed to strengthening the communities where we work, live and play.  Part of that commitment is ensuring everyone has access to the information and resources they need to feel empowered when making financial decisions.

That’s why we we’re offering Each One Teach One, an innovative community financial literacy program made up of 17 different workshops.

How Does the Program Work?

Our dedicated Financial Literacy Instructors can facilitate 60 to 90 minute workshops at your community organization, school or business. All workshops are free to attend and are delivered in simple, easy to understand language, with the sole goal of giving individuals the tools and skills to create a bright financial future for themselves and their families.

There are workshops available for all age groups, demographics and knowledge levels with topics including basic banking and budgeting, credit cards, loans, debt smarts, credit scores, fraud prevention, homeownership, and much more.

Workshop Topics.

  1. Introduction to Basic Banking
  2. Introduction to Basic Budgeting
  3. Why Filing Taxes is a Good Idea
  4. Credit Cards & Prepaid Cards
  5. Loans You Don’t Want
  6. Loans: Costs & Obligations
  7. Debt Smarts
  8. Building a Healthy Credit History
  9. Identity Theft & Fraud Prevention
  1. Registered Retirement Savings Plans & Tax Free Savings Accounts
  2. Introduction to Registered Education Savings Plans
  3. Understanding Contracts
  4. Financial Wellness for Seniors 
  5. Home Readiness A: Renting vs Owning
  6. Home Readiness B: Cost of Ownership
  7. Home Readiness C: Finding the Right Home
  8. Home Readiness D: Professional Help

Scheduling a Workshop.

If your community group, clients, students or employees could benefit from financial literacy training, we'd like to get to know you! Complete our online Workshop Request Form to get the conversation started.

Click here for a brief description of each of the workshop topics.