Community Foundation

Since its formation in 2000, the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation has invested millions of dollars into non-profit cultural, economic, educational, environmental, health and social projects and initiatives in the Kootenays.

By forming partnerships with other like-minded organizations and groups to leave lasting legacies, we are doing our part to help ensure the Kootenays continue to be a thriving region and a desirable place to be.

In addition, the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation holds endowment funds within eight Kootenay-area Community Foundations. These funds are held as the “Kootenay Savings Community Fund” with:

More information on each of the above endowment funds and the application process can be found by clicking on the links above.

Funding Criteria

To be eligible for funding, community projects must meet the following criteria:  

  • Be not-for-profit.
  • Be free of political, racial, religious or gender bias seen to be of benefit to a community or communities served by Kootenay Savings.

The following requests will not be considered:  

  • Applications seeking funding for research, surveys and/or studies.  
  • Applications seeking funding for salaries, wages and/or employee benefits.

Apply for Funding

To ensure a streamlined application and review process, as well as reduce our environmental footprint, all applications and supporting documents must be submitted electronically.

For an application form, please click here.

Application Deadlines:
Applications must be received by email to the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation at before the close of business (5:00 PM PT) on March 31 and September 30 each year. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Applications must provide enough information to allow the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation Board of Directors to make a fair and informed decision.

Please allow eight to ten weeks following the deadline for applications to be reviewed. All applicants will be notified via email once a decision has been reached.

Grant Writing Tips

Our friends at the Osprey Community Foundation have put together some great tips to help organizations and individuals write better, more effective, and ultimately more successful grant applications and proposals.

These guidelines, which we strongly encourage you to review, can be found by clicking here.