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Estate Planning

Attitudes about money are changing. Today, estate planning can be an open process that allows parents and children to feel completely at ease with what will occur after you pass. Sharing money early may offer a number of taxable benefits as well as providing you with the pleasure of seeing your children and grandchildren settled and happy while you are alive.


Wealth Transfer

Passing your estate onto the next generation is something that takes careful thought and planning. A legal will is the ultimate tool. The professional services of a lawyer or notary are recommended and you should review from time to time or as changes in your family occur. A will should include:

  •     An executor and his or her responsibilities
  •     An outline of how you want your estate managed
  •     The name of a guardian for any minor children
  •     Instructions on how to distribute your personal effects
  •     A record of your wishes regarding your final arrangements

Your Kootenay Savings Financial Advisor can help you create an estate plan to ensure your wishes are met. He or she can also help you with important tax strategies to ensure you pass on the maximum to your heirs. 


Charitable Giving

To those to whom much is given, much is expected. These are the words many leading philanthropists live by. But you don’t have to be Bill Gates to continue to give after you pass. There are many ways to provide for your favourite charity after you pass, from gifting assets to using your life insurance policy to its maximum taxable benefit.

Your Kootenay Savings Financial Advisor will be pleased to discuss your good works with you and help you carry on your tradition of giving.



Trusts and Other Tax Strategies

A trust will allows you to transfer money to a loved one but not control. Designated heirs can enjoy the benefits of your assets such as interest, dividends or income but only the trustee will be able to make decisions in accordance with your wishes. There are two types of trusts, one you can make early on in life and the other that takes effect only at death.




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