Flash Debit Card Update

As you may already know, we experienced an issue with some of our Flash® debit cards mailed to members in 2017. Some cards were not accepted at a small number of retailers and ATMs but continued to work at most retailers and ATMs, including all Canadian credit unions ATMs.

We are happy to inform you that in our efforts to provide faster, more convenient and progressive banking options, we have resolved this isolated issue. If you receive a new card in the mail in the upcoming weeks, you have been identified as a member with one of the affected cards.

Earning and retaining your trust is vitally important to us. Our promise is to continually enhance our service, and bring you the best in banking technology.

While you're waiting for your new card, here's what you need to know:

  • The card you receive will be a NEW card; therefore you will need a new PIN.
  • Your new PIN will arrive about 3 – 5 business days after your card.
  • If you require a new debit card immediately, for example, you have travel plans or you have destroyed your old debit card, please visit any Kootenay Savings branch or call 1-800-665-5728 to obtain one.
  • Ensure your Flash debit card works before disposing of older cards.
  • Find out more about Flash cards including all the security features here.
Have you already replaced the card you received last summer?
If you picked up a new card directly from a branch, or called to order a card, you will not receive a new card by mail. The card you have now is not impacted.

Activate Flash

It's easy to activate your Flash Debit Card

  1. When making your first purchase, insert your card into the Point of Sale machine, and enter your new PIN. This activates the Flash feature.
  2. When you make your next purchase that is under $100, hold the card to the reader or tap it and listen for the beep. Your purchase is complete.

Change your PIN

Want to change your PIN?

Visit any Canadian Credit Union ATM, including Kootenay Savings, or drop by any of our branches.

Download the ding-free ATM Locator app to find a ding-free ATM near you.

To find a Kootenay Savings branch or ATM, click here.

ATM Locator

Need Assistance?

Continue to check our website for updates and watch your mail for information and your new card.

Please call our Member Service Centre at 1-800-665-5728 if you have any questions or would like more information.  

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and  thank you for patience and continued loyalty.

Member Service Centre