Plan ahead and help your kids with their post-secondary journey by taking advantage of a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

What is an RESP?

An RESP is a government sponsored investment plan that will help you invest money, currently up to $50,000, in order to pay for a child's post-secondary education.

When ready, your child can use the money for full-time or part-time studies in an apprenticeship program, trade school, college or university.

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Government of Canada RESP:  Plan Your Child's Edcuation Savings Brochure.

Why invest in an RESP?

Let's face it. The current cost of continuing your education after high school is finished is not low, and the price of post-secondary education will continue to rise each year.  The more you invest in an RESP today, the more your kids and future self will give thanks for the leg up.

Plus, with provincial and government grants available to make your savings grow even easier, there has never been a better time to start planning for your child's future.


Government Grants

The Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) is a grant paid by the Government of Canada directly into an RESP plan.

  • Offers a 20% bonus on the first $2500 saved in an RESP for children up to age 17
  • Will grow your child's RESP by an extra $500 each year to a $7200 lifetime maximum
  • The CESG is available until the end of the calendar year in which the child turns 17, as long as:
      1. the child is a Canadian resident
      2. an RESP has been opened in their name
      3. a request is made for the grant

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      The Canada Learning Bond

      The Canada Learning Bond (CLB) is paid into RESPs opened for National Child Benefit Supplement eligibile children born on or after January 1,  2004.

      • Designated for lower income families
      • Adds $500 to your child's RESP instantly and $100 each year until they turn 15 to a maximum of $2000.

      Canada Learning Bond Brochure

        Learn more about the CLB.

        BC Training and Education Savings Grant

        The BC Training and Education Savings Grant is new as of August 15, 2015.

        The BC Government will contribute a grant of $1200 to eligible children who meet the following criteria:

        • Born in 2007 or later
        • At the time of application, the child and a parent/guardian of the child are residents of BC.
        • At the time of application, the child is the beneficiary of an RESP with a particpating financial institution.

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