Text Banking

Have you ever found yourself in line at the grocery store wondering “Should I use my debit card?  Do I have enough money?”  but don’t have enough time to login to your app?   Check out Text Banking, unlike our Mobile Web or Mobile App, you communicate with your personal account via text messaging.  

Sign up for Text Banking, then simply text MONEY (66639) from your smart phone and reply with a command.  By inputting a keyword like BAL (balance of your primary account) an instant text message will deliver to you with your current account balance.  Other commands like ACT provide instant account activity of your primary account or BAL ALL sends the balance of all your accounts.  You are just a quick, secure and convenient text message away from knowing your basic account information 24/7.  Sign up today!

See how easy it is to set up Text Banking here.

Text Banking Step by Step Guide

Text Banking FAQs here.

**Standard text messaging rates apply