ATM Banking

ATM Banking is easier with envelope-free deposits!

We're envelope-free, making your everyday banking transactions easier and more convenient, saving you time.

With envelope free:

•    You can deposit cheques and cash at the same time, up to 50 items
•    There’s no need to fill out envelopes to make deposits
•    You have the option to get photos of your cheques printed on your receipt
•    Be environmentally friendly by using less paper

It's easy! Simply insert your Canadian cash and cheques and let the ATM do the work for you!

ding free®

With sixteen Kootenay Savings ATMs throughout the Kootenays, you’re bound to find one near you. But did you know, as a credit union member, you have access to thousands of ding free ATMs across Canada?  

"ding free" means you pay no surcharges at credit union and other participating ATM's across Canada for withdrawals, deposits and balance inquires. Find out more about ding free here.

Download the ding-free ATM Locator app.

To find a Kootenay Savings branch or ATM click here.

U.S. Cash

Save time and money.

Get U.S. cash at our ATM in Downtown Trail, 24 hours a day. Plus you can take advantage of an exchange rate that is lower than in our branches.

Available to members only.

Holds on deposits


We made it faster and more convenient for you to access funds you deposit through the ATMs and our mobile app. We've changed the hold times on these deposits, giving you immediate access to a portion of your funds.

Your current daily ATM withdrawal and debit card limits remain.  You could also be eligible for an increase to your debit card withdrawal limits.

Call 1-800-665-5728 to find out your new deposit hold limit or to see if you qualify to have your debit card and ATM withdrawal limits increased.

Envelope-free is being introduced throughout our ATM network beginning summer 2018. Envelope-free does not accept coins or foreign currency.

Ding free