Text Banking FAQs

What is Text Banking? Expand/Collapse

With Text Banking, you can send a text message command from your mobile phone to access your account balance and transaction history You’ll receive a text back with your requested information. Register your phone and start Text Banking today!

Will Text Banking work on my mobile phone? Expand/Collapse

Text Banking works on all mobile phones that support text messaging. If you experience problems, please check with your mobile carrier (e.g. Telus, Rogers, or Bell).

What does it cost to use Text Banking? Expand/Collapse

Kootenay Savings Credit Union does not charge for Text Banking at this time, but your mobile carrier charges standard messaging rates for sending or receiving text messages.

I want to sign up now. How do I get started? Expand/Collapse

Getting started is easy. If you have a mobile phone that supports text messaging and an Online Banking account with Kootenay Savings Credit Union.

  • Log in to Online Banking.
  • Register your mobile phone
  • You can then text any mobile banking command to your shortcode and receive a text message back with your banking information.
Don't have an Online Banking account?  Just call 1.800.665.5728 to get started today.

More easy to follow set up instructions here.

What if my phone is misplaced, lost or stolen? Expand/Collapse

If you have temporarily misplaced your mobile phone (e.g. you left it at work), you can disable Text Banking temporarily from the Text Banking Preferences page in online banking. You re- enable the feature when you locate your phone.

If your phone was lost or stolen, go to the Text Banking Preferences page within online banking and delete it immediately. You should also follow your carrier’s recommendations for reporting lost or stolen phones.

Will Text Banking work outside of Canada? Expand/Collapse

Text Banking is only designed to work on phones from a Canadian carrier, on a Canadian network. However the service may still work if your carrier has a roaming agreement with a foreign carrier.

How do I send a text message? Expand/Collapse

Please refer to you owner's manual for your mobile phone on how to send a text message or contact your carrier on how to obtain an owner's manual.

I have changed carriers and/or have changed phone numbers, will Text Banking work? Expand/Collapse

As a security precaution, Text Banking will automatically set your phone to Disabled status if you change your carrier or phone number. Please text “help” to your short code and you will receive instructions on enabling your phone.

Which carriers does Text Banking work with? Expand/Collapse

The following carriers support Text Banking:

  • Bell
  • Rogers
  • Virgin
  • Fido
  • MTS
  • Sasktel
  • PC Mobile (President’s Choice)
  • Solo
  • Koodo
  • Freedom Mobile

Is my personal information secure in Text Banking? Expand/Collapse

Text Banking is as secure as online banking. Your text banking preferences can only be changed in online banking, and account numbers and personal information are never included in the text messages.

What if my mobile carrier isn't on the list? Expand/Collapse

If your carrier is not listed, it may not support Text Banking. Some mobile service providers, such as 7-Eleven SpeakOut™ Wireless and Petro-Canada Mobility, do not support this feature. Please check with your mobile carrier or provider if you are unsure if they support Text Banking.