Online Banking FAQs

Online Banking

How safe is online banking? Expand/Collapse

Safeguarding your transactions is a priority for us.  Banking online is as safe as going to your local branch.  We use the latest encryption for all your personal data, ensuring your banking transactions are safe and secure.

Are there any fees for using online banking? Expand/Collapse

Very few.  Online Banking and Phone Banking are free services to members.  There are fees, however, associated with some transactions such as stop payment, and INTERACT® e-Transfer if not included in your monthly account type or you surpassed your allowable bundled transactions.  When you conduct a transaction for which there is a fee, you will receive a message informing you of the fee and the opportunity to cancel the transaction if you do not wish to proceed.

How long does it take for my online payment to reach my bill vendor? Expand/Collapse

Online transactions such as transferring from account to account, will take effect immediately unless the payment or transfer is future dated.  Bill payments can take up to 3 days for your payee to process, so ensure you make a payment a few days before the due date to avoid late charges.

I made an error when paying a bill, what do I do? Expand/Collapse

No worries.  Simply contact your branch during normal business hours to initiate the required correction or call 1.800.665.5728 to speak to one of our representatives.

How do I get started with online banking? Expand/Collapse

Getting started is simple. You need just two things:
1. A computer with an internet connections
2. A Personal Access Code (PAC), the key to your accounts.  If you don’t have a PAC, you can get one at any Kootenay Savings branch.

What should I do if I forget my access code (PAC)? Expand/Collapse

Contact your branch during normal business hours and we’ll be happy to assist you or call 1.800.665.5728 to speak to one of our representatives.  For your protection as well as Kootenay Savings, you will be asked a series of security questions.  If you would like to have one of our representatives contact you, simply click here to submit a request by email.

What is the banking information I need for my employer or a preauthorized payment? Expand/Collapse

To obtain your personal banking information, click here or visit your local branch or phone 1.800.665.5728 to speak to one of our representatives.


What is fraud lock? Expand/Collapse

Fraud Lock was introduced to our online banking platform to reduce credit card fraud.  When you add a credit card to your list of payees, there is a minimum 48 hour delay before payments can be made to the newly added credit card.  This delay can be removed by contacting your branch after adding the credit card to Online Banking or by calling 1.800.665.5728.

I can't access online banking anymore Expand/Collapse

The new features require that you have JavaScript enabled in order to access the online banking site.

If you use Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu > Internet Options. On the security tab, select Internet. Click on the Custom Level. Scroll down to Scripting. Select “Enable” (or “Prompt”) for “Active Scripting”. Click OK to save changes.  Then hit F5 to refresh your browser. The login should now work.

If you use Firefox browser, go to Tools menu. Click on the Content icon. Check “Enable  JavaScript”  Click OK to save changes. Then hit F5 to refresh your browser. The login should work now.

I am having difficulty loading the online banking application on my computer Expand/Collapse

Login to our full-featured mobile site at This is a secure platform that does not download images, making browsing faster with older smart phones, PC's and helps with poor/slower internet connections.  This website will also work on a smart phone.  *Data charges may apply.


What are challenge questions and why do I need them? Expand/Collapse

You will be asked to select 3 challenge questions, such as “What was the name of your high school?”  and provide the answer.  If you answer these questions incorrectly three times in future browsing sessions, your account will be locked for security reasons.  To have your account unlocked please call 1.800.665.5728 and one of our representatives will unlock your account.

What does it mean to "Register this computer"? Expand/Collapse

By checking the checkbox “Register this computer”, it means that the computer will be registered as “trusted” and therefore you will NOT be prompted to answer the security question again until the browser’s cookie is cleared.  When you clear your browser, you will be asked to answer your security question, or you can re-register your computer. You should never register a public or shared computer for security reasons.

I am not able to choose a security question Expand/Collapse

Try to clear your browser’s cache and all temporary files. Close your session and re-launch a new one.