Interac Flash®

What is Interac Flash? Expand/Collapse

Interac Flash is the contactless feature on our debit cards that allows you to pay for smaller purchases quickly and conveniently by holding your card over a card reader that accepts Flash.  This feature is also referred to as “tap”.

How does Interac Flash work? Expand/Collapse

If the retailer accepts Interac Flash, simply hold your card in front of the reader and wait for the beep that signals your transaction has been approved.  The purchase will be automatically deducted from your account.

Is Interac Flash safe? Expand/Collapse

There are several security features in place that ensure safety.

  1. First of all, Interac Flash uses chip technology which protects against skimming and fraud.  The Flash technology also protects your card from being copied and counterfeited.
  2. There are also spending limits set on the card.  The maximum amount per purchase is $100 when you use Flash.  On top of that, there is a cumulative limit. When you’ve reached the $200 limit in purchases using Flash, you’ll need to reset this limit by using PIN for your next purchase.
  3. You are also protected with Interac Flash Zero Liability policy that allows for 100% reimbursement of funds if your card is lost or stolen. But you must call us right away to report your card lost or stolen.

Where can I use Interac Flash? Expand/Collapse

You can use Flash at any Canadian retail location that accepts Flash or Tap. Look for the contactless symbol on the card reader.

How do I activate my card? Expand/Collapse

Activating your card is easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Activate. The first time you use it, insert the card, and enter your existing PIN.  This activates Flash.
  2. Tap. When you make your next purchase for under $100, tap your card and listen for the BEEP.
  3. Boom. Your purchase is approved.

Are there limits in place? Expand/Collapse

Yes, specific limits safeguard your money in case of theft or fraud.

  1. Each purchase has a limit of $100
  2. There is a cumulative limit of $200. This means that once you have reached a spending total of $200 using Flash, you must reset this limit by inserting and using your PIN for your next transaction.  You can once again use Flash until you have reached the $200 total again. And the process repeats.

Are there fees for using Interac Flash? Expand/Collapse

There are no fees specific to using Interac Flash, but your monthly account fees still apply. 

Can I still use the PIN on my card if I choose not to use the Flash feature? Expand/Collapse

Yes, you can.  Interac Flash is an optional feature on our debit card and you can continue to use the Chip and PIN method if you prefer.

Will my Interac Flash debit card work on machines that don't accept Flash? Expand/Collapse

Yes, your card will still work by inserting it into the reader and entering your PIN.

Where can I find out more about Flash? Expand/Collapse

You can find loads of information at