Youth Financial Literacy

The more children learn about money, and the earlier they start building the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to become financially literate, the more likely they’ll be to make sound decisions about their financial future.

At Kootenay Savings we are deeply committed to supporting financial literacy and education, which is why we created Kootenay Kids Cash, our entertaining and interactive budgeting workshop for elementary and middle school students.

About the Workshop.

Developed for students in grades 5-8, and delivered by fun and knowledgeable Kootenay Savings' employees, Kootenay Kids Cash turns the classroom into an imaginary family with an income to allocate, expenses to manage and decisions to make.

Throughout the hour-long workshop students are introduced to basic money concepts such as saving, spending and budgeting and are presented with real-life scenarios that enhance decision making skills and highlight the difference between needs and wants.

Scheduling a Workshop.

Teachers, if you're interested in having our enthusiastic Youth Financial Literacy Instructors visit your classroom, we'd love to hear from you!  Complete our online Kootenay Kids Cash Workshop Request Form to get the conversation started.