Call for Nominations

We are seeking nominations of qualified candidates to represent our membership and run for election to our Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors ensures the long-term success of the credit union. They help the credit union and its subsidiaries, plan for the future and move toward established goals.

If you would like to seek a seat on our Board of Directors, please review our Nominations Package located in the right column.

This package details the responsibilities and time commitment required of a Director along with all the forms that need to be filled out and returned to us.  

Nomination Forms will be accepted until 12:00 Noon, Tuesday February 9, 2021 at any Kootenay Savings Branch location.

Nomination Packages are also available for pick-up at any Kootenay Savings branch or by email request to


2021 Board Positions

In 2021, there are three positions up for election.  They are as follows:

Three Directors At Large

  • Linda MacDermid, Director at Large, three-year term
  • Keith Smyth, Director at Large, three-year term
  • Amed Naqvi, Director at Large, three-year term


Skills and Qualifications

In order to best fulfill its government mandate, the Board has identified seven general areas of expertise that collectively, Directors should possess. These are:

  • Governance: Board experience and /or knowledge of good governance rules and practices;
  • Finance: the ability to understand and interpret the Credit Union's financial performance in the context of various regulatory requirements;
  • Legal: familiarity with the laws and regulations under which the Credit Union operates;
  • Human Resources: general understanding of HR issues and processes, including succession planning, executive recruitment and compensation structures;
  • Area Knowledge: familiarity with the communities served by Kootenay Savings;
  • Information Technology: understanding of technology in the financial sector and governance of the risks and opportunities associated with technology;
  • Industry Knowledge: general understanding of the Credit Union business, including the inherent risks associated with a financial institution business model.
  • Investment and Lending: understanding of basic concepts related to investment and lending practices.

All nomination forms will be examined at the close of nominations to ensure that rule requirements are met.  If nominees do not meet the criteria, they will be contacted and provided with an explanation as to why they are not eligible.  Candidates meeting the criteria will also be contacted and required to attend an information session.